Miguel Asmar of San Diego, California, was injured in late 2012 when he was heading west on Interstate 8 to head North on Interstate 15. It was a Charger game day and there was plenty of traffic out. A foreign tourist from Australia negligently merged into Miguel's lane of traffic while he was riding a 300 pound motorcycle. The tourist's rental car bumped into Miguel's motorcylce fairing (side) causing it to slip from underneath him while he was at full speed. This caused Miguel to fall off of his motorcycle and slide approximately 1/2 of a mile on his chest. His 300 pound motorcycle slid about 3/4 of a mile.

I took on Miguel's injury case against the insurance company. Here, it was State Farm insurance, the largest automobile insurance company in the United States. Miguel needed medical care, badly. He had Medi-Cal but he was not getting the medical attention he needed for his back injuries, road abrasions, and broken teeth. I found him a dentist to fix his teeth. I found him other doctors that would give him the necessary medical attention to not only help him regain his health, but to protect him on the legal side with his injury case. State Farm, and their insured, did not release to me their policy limits (something they have a right to refuse to do if a lawsuit is not yet filed). However, despite, I documented Miguel's case to a point that when I presented his injuries and medical documents to State Farm, they decided to release their policy limits to Miguel in lieu of having to battle us in San Diego Superior Court in front of a jury. Their policy limits were fair and adequate to make Miguel whole again, and he was very happy with the result. In the video of Miguel above, he explains that he has used me since 2008 on previous personal injury claims, and that he recommends me to his family and friends. This was a great result for Miguel and I am proud to be a part of that success for him.

100,000.00 Policy Limits

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