Former Client Video Testimonial - Motorcycle Accident

"In 2008 I was hit 3 times and that was the year I was introduced to Mark Blane. The motorcycle accident, that was the third accident. I was on the 15 west heading to the 805 north  and the Charger games was starting in the stadium. There was plenty of traffic. A driver from Australia, without looking, merged into my lane and bumped into my motorcycle fairing on my 300 pound bike, and it just came out from underneath me. And we both slid. The bike slid 3/4 of a mile, and I slid 1/2 of a mile on my chest. My helmet is connected to my phone, and when I was on the ground the first thing I did was immediately call him; (pause) while I was laying on the ground. When I told him my issue he found someone to help me. He got my tooth fixed with a dentist. I went through therapy. Everything I needed he got me, and I was taken care of. I know he is honest. I know he is there for me. He paid attention. He listened. I recommend him all the time. He cared about what he did. He cared about the person he was doing it for, and it shows in his work."

Dated: March 27, 2014Motorcycle Accident Client, Miguel Asmar from San Diego, California