Man injured on ground after motorcycle accidentAccording to NHTSA, accidents that occur on motorcycles are indeed overwhelming; in reports by NHTSA, motorcyclists were approximately eight times more likely to be injured, and thirty-seven times more likely to be fatally injured than passengers in automobiles. This is an “eye opening” statistic. Some of the injuries regarding motorcycle accidents I find in my law practice include:

1. Traumatic Brain Injury
2. Amputation
3. Spinal Cord Injury
4. Partial Paralysis
5. Road Rash (skin abrasions)
6. Soft Tissue Injuries

Usually, the injuries in a motorcycle accident are much more serious than an auto accident due to the fact there is less protection surrounding the rider of a motorcycle. Also, motorcyclists have to contend with the behavior of other motorists on the freeway due to this fact. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle-type accident, contact an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer as soon as possible.
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Ladas Law Firm 06/20/2022 05:05 AM
Thanks for sharing this blog. It will help many people in California as well as USA when their injuries treated as motor cycle accident injury. They will know how many type of injury are there from this blog.
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