According to NHTSA, accidents that occur on motorcycles are indeed overwhelming; in reports by NHTSA, motorcyclists were approximately eight times more likely to be injured, and thirty-seven times more likely to be fatally injured than passengers in automobiles. This is an “eye opening” statistic. Some of the injuries in regards to motorcycle accidents I find in my law practice include:

1. Traumatic Brain Injury;
2. Amputation;
3. Spinal Cord Injury;
4. Partical Paralysis;
. Road Rash (skin abrasions);
6. Soft Tissue Injuries;

Usually, the injuries in a motorcycle accident are much more serious than an auto accident due to the fact there is less protection surrounding the rider of a motorcycle. Also, motorcyclist have to contend with the behavior of other motorists on the freeway due to this fact. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle type accident, contact an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer as soon as possible.
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