Zicam Drug Manufacturer, Matrixx, Faces More Lawsuits Nationwide

Lawyers representing approximately 117 people who claim to have suffered loss of smell after using the popular nasal spray have filed lawsuit against the Scottsdale, Arizona based drug manufacturer Matrixx on June 22, 2009. Several of the plaintiffs live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and one, a owner of a well known, and upscale, Las Vegas area restaurant all claim they have lost the ability to taste food, or smell.

A spokes person for Matrixx has said they believe their nasal products are safe and do not cause the harms alleged by the plaintiffs. However, the FDA has issued a warning letter that links the Zicam nasal swabs and gel to possible loss of smell harm; in response, Matrixx voluntarily pulled, or recalled, its Zicam Cold Remedy from all stores in the United States. The CEO of Matrixx made a statement indicating this action does make Matrixx more vulnerable to more lawsuits nationwide.

This is nothing new for Matrixx in terms of legal problems; the company already has defended over 400 lawsuits in the past 10 years from plaintiffs who have made claims that the Zicam Cold Remedy has caused problems with smell (or loss of smell); i.e. anosmia.

There were settlements in 2006 by the company for approximately 12 million dollars in reference to the above allegations.
Mark Blane
Founder of The Law Offices of Mark Blane, APC
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