I wrote my FREE book for California drunk driving accident victims. The following represents my disclaimer on the information I present: The information presented in this book should not be construed as legal advice on your given drunk driving injury case or your specific legal issue. The suggestions, descriptions of the law and legal process, and the warnings or the like that I provide in this book are not a substitute for consulting with or hiring an attorney. Please also remember that this book does not, in any way, infer an attorney-client relationship between my law office and you, the reader, and I cannot give you legal advice unless and until you hire me, and I have agreed in writing to accept your specific case (as required under California State Attorney ethics rules).

Many cases involving the different types of injuries persons sustain are complex and may involve an entire assortment of legal issues where the outcomes are strongly influenced by the unique facts of the individual case. For those readers who would like to consult with Attorney Mark C. Blane, Esq. directly, his contact information is provided at the end of this book.

The San Diego California Drunk Driving & Accident Law Firm headed by trial lawyer Mark C. Blane that offers FREE Legal Help Books to anyone BEFORE they speak to a Lawyer, Claims Adjuster, or have to sign any Legal Forms; if you were a victim involved in a drunk driving accident you need to know your legal rights and how to be compensated!  You need to know about the California Victim's Compensation Fund and see if you qualify or if your legal case needs to look at it all - the bottom line is you have questions and we have a FREE Legal Help book for California Drunk Driving Victims full of information for you! Drunk driving accidents are a preventable thing but you have additional rights available to you as a drunk driving victim including punitive damages, and the legal right to be notified and at all criminal court hearings, if you choose to be present, of the drunk driver so you can be sure they get punished on the criminal side - our law firm will handle the civil side for you. Let me show you how I track the criminal courts to use that as evidence on your personal injury case known as the "civil side" of your case!

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