Reports of liver damage and other injuries were reported after a recall was made on Hydroxycut products; a Pharmaceutical Class Action lawsuit has been filed in Canada of all places alleging the manufacturer of Hydroxycut products misled the public about the true safety of the weight-loss aid.

The product Hydroxycut is manufactured by Lovate Health Sciences as energery boosting, fat burning, weight reducing natural supplement, that aides to reduce water retention in the body. The FDA, on May 1, 2009, issued reports to consumer to stop using Hydroxycut after approximately 23 users of the product developed:

1. Seizures;
2. Heart problems;
3. Rare muscle disorder known medically as “rhabdomysolysis;” and,
4. Severe Liver problems including elevated liver enzymes that necessitated a liver transplant and juandice;

Canada did not state that they have had the severe liver problems that the United States has reported, but they have had other reported side effects such as: gastrointestinal disorders; neurological and heart related illnesses. The manufacturer, Lovate Health Sciences, Inc., has issued a recall for more than 14 different products such as: a) Hydroxycut 24; b) Hydroxycut Max; and c) Hydroxycut Hardcore.

Canada filed their Class Action lawsuit on May 4, 2009, for all consumers who used and purchased the Hydroxycut products after May 1, 2003. The Canadian law firm to do the honors of filing the Class Action lawsuit goes to the Toronto based law firm of Juroviesky & Ricci, LLP, and they have alleged negligence in proper safety warnings regarding the specific risks involved with the now famous weight loss aid. Part of the monetary damages sought is 20 million for the injured class of Canadian consumers, as well as punitive damages according to their complaint.

If you or someone you love has been injured with the use of Hydroxycut, please contact Attorney Mark C. Blane for a free case evaluation as you may be entitled to monetary compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages under the law; you may contact Attorney Mark C. Blane at (888) 845-6269 toll free, or direct at (619) 813-7955, or email at [email protected]
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