El Cajon AMA Impairment for Brain Injuries | Traumas | Concussions

San Diego Brain Injury Lawyer, San Diego Head Trauma Attorney, San Diego Concussion Attorney, California Brain Injury Attorney – How To Prove Your Brain Injury Case in a Court of Law Video

Let me show you what you need to know in order to prove a Brain Injury in a court of law. Brain injuries sometimes are very hard injuries to prove because sometimes you cannot SEE them. As in a Closed Head injury, sometimes the injury are “behavior changes.” My name is Attorney Mark C. Blane. I have many years of experience in this type of injury; please feel free to check out a free video I have on Brain Injuries and How to Prove Them in a Court of Law at: San Diego Brain Injury Lawyer, Head Trauma Attorney – Win Your Brain Injury/Trauma Case Video.mov
Mark Blane
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