Another Yamaha Rhino Rollover Lawsuit Has Been Filed

A resident of West Virginia has filed a lawsuit against the ATV maker alleging his daughter was seriously injured when the Yamaha Rhino she was riding in rolled over on March 30, 2006. The reasons for the suit go to safety of the design of the ATV vehicle which has been alleged to be “top heavy” with a very narrow wheel base and inadequate safety features to help protect against injury during a roll over accident. The lawsuit states: “The Yamaha Rhino is more narrow than most vehicles in its class, being designed to fit in a pickup truck bed as convenience to consumers..such convenience was achieved through designing the vehicle with a narrow track width, greatly decreasing the vehicle’s stability characteristics.”

Since the Rhino has been introduced in the U.S. markets, numerous injury claims due to roll over have been filed. There is evidence that Yamaha was aware of the propensity for this ATV to roll over since they sent out a warning to their consumers about it in September 2006.

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