The first accident was eight years ago, and a co-worker recommended Mark Blane. He handled my case, and I was very pleased with his work. Last year, I got rear-ended coming off the 67. I was going slow, and the guy came around the loop pretty fast. I knew he was not going to stop. The insurance adjuster for the medical showed up at my front door wanting me to settle, and at that point, I decided I'm going to go back to Mark Blane. I know his work ethic, and I knew that he would handle my case the way he handled my first case. He came out to my house that night. He sent me to a chiropractor and a massage therapist, and I know that therapy was the best. He will put his all in there for you, and he won't do you wrong. He's got a good heart, he enjoys what he does, and he really wants to do the very best for everybody.

Katrina used my legal services approximately 8 years ago when she got into her first car collision. Over the years, she kept my contact and when she was rear-ended again, she did not hestiate to think twice. She called me right away. Car collisions are not a fun experience, and most of the time, the at-fault insurance company do not help in this truth. An injured person needs a diligent advocate to be their voice.

Although it is not great to hear from a former client that they got into a second collision, I was happy that Katrina thought of me because that means she believed in me the first time around. I immediately helped Katrina with her medical care. This is another item a good injury lawyer can help their client with - getting competent medical care. The medical care also contains the story of what the client goes through to get better, and what they are left with after they go through it. The doctor is the narratore of that story. If need be, that story needs to be told to a jury if a settlement or resolution of the case does not occur.

I am glad Katrina thought of me. This video is a brief story of what she thought of me and my legal services. If you have a question on your collison case, please give me a call at (619) 813-7955, or simply download one of my many free legal consumer guides today.

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