I was very honored to be Isaura's injury lawyer for her car accident. Isaura was rear-ended on the 5 Freeway Northbound in San Diego at a very high rate of speed. The rear bumper of her car was smashed in completely. I ended representing her and her passenger.

Isaura, and her friend, both needed medical care. They were referred to my law office by a friend, and I immediately called them back and met with them. Isaura was a wonderful client (her friend too). She was very compliant with medical care, and she was easy to reach when I needed to speak with her. She was happy she chose me as her lawyer, and I was very pleased with her duties as a client.

Every case is unique and has their own challenges. Not every case will necessarily need a lawyer, but every case deserves good legal counsel. I was proud to have helped Isaura with her medical challenges, and getting the insurance company to pay her a fair amount for what she went through in this accident.

If you or a family member has been injured in a rear-end car accident, please give me a call today at (619) 813-7955, or feel free to download any of my FREE Ebooks (injury consumer protection guides) from this website.

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