What San Diego Doctors and Statistics are Saying About Electric Scooter Injuries

A local San Diego surgeon with UC San Diego Medical Center trauma has recently stated that the number of E-scooter injuries are increasing so much it should be viewed a "public health concern."

Another trauma doctor with San Diego's Scripps Mercy Hospital was quoted saying, “Injuries [from scooters] are coming in fast and furious. It’s just a matter of time before someone is killed.”

Nationwide, one reputable statistic reports, nearly 40,000 broken bones, head injuries, cuts, and bruises resulting from scooter accidents were treated in U.S. emergency rooms from 2014 through 2018. Most of these injuries occurred in E-scooter riders aged 18 to 34.

What California Law Says About Electric Scooters

The California law permits electric scooters to operate on streets or roadways with a speed limit of 25 mph if the E-scooter remains at or below 15-mph itself. Motorists can operate their E-scooter on roads with a maximum 35 mph speed limit only if the county or town specifically requests an ordinance for this to pass. In this picture, the acceptable speed to operate an electric scooter remains at 15 mph.

E-scooter riders must comply with California Motor Vehicle Code or face a ticket for any violation of that code. According to California Vehicle Code section 21235, any person operating a motorized (electronic too) scooter must have a valid driver’s license or instruction permit and must follow the following safety rules (so you have to be 16 years of age or older to ride an e-scooter):

1. One may not carry passengers; (this should be obvious, but I see two people on one scooter frequently in San Diego streets)

2. One may not carry any package, bundle or article that prevents him/her from keeping at least one hand on the handlebars;

3. One may not exceed 15 mph regardless of a higher posted speed limit for other traffic.

4. One may not ride on any sidewalk, except as necessary to enter or exit the adjacent property

5. No helmet is okay if you are 18 years or older: The updated California helmet law (since January 1, 2019) no longer requires individuals 18 and older to wear a helmet while riding on a motorized/electronic scooter. This has come with much debate and controversy, as some California residents cite that motor-safety should not be limited to minors.

Updated California Helmet Laws for Electric Scooters

One key view from this updated helmet law is that motor scooters are essentially a scaled-down version of the motorcycle. Although electric scooters are smaller, they are still motorized and can cause serious injury if used improperly or in an unsafe manner. The new California helmet law gives college-aged adults an excuse not to exercise proper safety for themselves and others.  Regardless of the controversy, this California law stands.

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