Jenille was faced with a challenging circumstance. She was injured in one really bad car collision, only to be re-injured again in a second one just eight months later.  In fact, she was still in medical care for the first car collision when the second car collision occurred. So what do you do when you have two injury claims, almost back-to-back?

You hire an experienced injury lawyer and, if necessary, you file one lawsuit against both at-fault parties at the same time so that you can effectively consolidate the two actions into one in order to get the settlement you deserve. This was the strategy employed in this case. Consolidating both injury claims into one legal action streamlines the issues and organizes all of the damages into one single action instead of piece mailing it against both at-fault parties. 

Here, we were in California Superior Court in downtown San Diego. Jenille eventually needed a lumbar surgery for her back which we got done prior to her trial date. We had two insurance policies to pursue - one from each at-fault party. One insurance policy released their limits, and the second one we got near to the policy limits, so the case ended very well for Jenille. All without the time, risk and expense of a jury trial. 

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