Most of you may be familiar with Napoleon's Hill's more famous books like "Think and Grow Rich," or "Laws Of Success," but this book just may be his best book ever, and it comes with an interesting back story. It was never supposed to be published!

So, What's the Back Story?

Well, in 1938, about a year after publishing "Think and Grow Rich," Napoleon Hill had just finished writing this book, "Outwitting the Devil." However, it was a controversial title and subject matter for the times, as Napoleon Hill fictionalized himself having a conversation, or I should say an interview, with "the devil" himself. Albeit, and in my opinion, Hill was metamorphically representing the devil as negative thinking...but Hill's wife, Annie Lou, and others thought it was just way too controversial to be published. So what did he do? He shelved it as a book manuscript for decades, and it sat there until his death in 1970! It then went to Annie Lou who passed away in 1984. Afterward, it went to a nephew, and eventually it landed in the good hands of The Napoleon Hill Foundation. There, the president (Don Green) of that foundation read it, and thought it was a great book, and was thoroughly impressed with it. 
After that, the foundation teams up with Sharon Lechter, the co-author of the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad Series," and it finally gets officially published in 2011! Imagine that, it just sat in a bookshelf gathering dust, but it packed with powerful successful thinking insights that is creatively captured by Hill himself having a conversation with the devil himself. 

Why Do I Recommend This Book?

As a fan of inspirational action books, I have read many of Napoleon Hill's other books including "Think and Grow Rich," "Law of Success," "Success Habits," and "You Can Work Your Own Miracles."  Personally, I think this book just may be Hill's best book because it is so creatively done by having this conversation with the devil. Hill uses the allegory of the devil to tell a story of how 98% of the population falls into unfocused thinking that he calls "drifting," and how that is one of the main ways "the devil" controls them.
The conversation, or interview, with the devil focuses on how the devil wants to increase obtaining control of the remaining 2%. The interview is laid out in a question/answer format that makes it very easy to follow along.  In the end, the reader learns that fear and negative thinking is what really controls us to not live up to our potential...yet, it is written very well by Hill, and I consider it one of his best writings!
The book was published in 1938 toward the end of the Great Depression, and at a time when World War II was just about to begin, so there was a lot of negative thinking and fearfulness going around the world. In many respects, this book was a product of its era fueld by Hill's passion for how to be successful in life. 
I hope enjoyed this book review, and perhaps it has inspired you to pick up your own copy and read it. As many of you know, besides reading books, I am a San Diego personal injury lawyer. If you, or someone you know, has been injured by someone not being safe, then be sure to get in touch with me. Even if you just have questions, you can always reach me at 619.813.7955. Stay strong, Mark
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