"I was on the 805 North…I look in my rear-view mirror and realize that someone is just speeding towards me, and just slammed right into the back of me. The back of my car was completely caved in so immediately my back and neck were in tremendous pain. It was really scary and it took a while to get back on the road. One of the reasons that I went to Mark was because I was starting to get a ton of bills from my insurance company, plus the fact that I was working reduced hours because of the pain in my back.  I did not have any money to cover it, it was super scary, and super intimidating. My father and I went to Mark’s office, and he really just comes across as someone who is really friendly…that I can trust him, and that I can contact him anytime for questions, and that he was being personal. I would absolutely recommend Mark. Once Mark was handling my case, I could not be happier. So I really can recommend him and I wish that I had done it earlier."  TO SEE VIDEO TESTIMONIAL CLICK HERE

Ms. Christa Bragg, San Diego, California, July 17, 2015