Posted on Aug 14, 2015

Attention! Attention! The latest news from The Law Offices of Mark Blane is that "other" lawyers trust Mark with their own clients.

Other lawyers need to refer out their personal injury calls and they choose Mark Blane. Why? Because Mark can get the job done. See why Carlsbad attorney Bruno Flores, who practices in a completely differenct area of the law, chose Mark and continues to choose Mark for all of his clients and injury calls his law firm receives.

Bruno loves the way Mark speaks to his clients/referrals. He also likes knowing that who he refers them to is going to 1) do a good job for them; 2) keep them informed; and, 3) get the best outcome possible. You see, Mark is a trial lawyer, not a settlement lawyer, and Bruno knows this. Also, Bruno loves hearing glowing reviews about how Mark handled their case because at some level who Bruno refers them to could be seen as a reflection on Bruno. Given this, it is important to know who you refer a case out to - not just looking somebody online, but actually meeting the person and knowing the person you refer out to is key.

Look, we are a service industry even though we are in the legal field. We have to do a good job for our clients. We are not only ethically bound but we are contractually bound to do are very best which is why we are called "advocates," or "counselor" or "attorney-at-law."

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