Posted on Mar 07, 2016

When Infinity Insurance decided to offer $0.00 on a MIST (Minor Impact Soft Tissue) Case, attorney Mark Blane decided to take this to trial and have the community of the neighbors (12 member Jury Panel) decide the case. Infinity argued there was hardly any visible damage to both vehicles, and said that there was no way Mark's client could have been injured. Well, a jury saw it differently and awarded (with costs) $14, 038.19. There was also $5,000.00 of Med Pay that waived reimbursement on top so the total case value came to a whopping $19,038.19.

You see, sometimes a lawsuit and jury trial is absolutely necessary in order to achieve justice for a deserving injury client. Infinity Insurance had hoped the claim would go away when they offered $0.00, or at the very worst, go to small claims court where that jurisdiction caps out at $7,500.00.

This was a 3-day jury trial before Judge Frederic Link in Dept. 26 of the Old San Diego County Courthouse. The jury deliberated for just under 3 hours when deciding justice for the Plaintiff.  Another trial victory goes down with the Law Offices of Mark Blane, APC.

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