Insurance issues can be confusing enough when you find yourself injured in a California car accident. These insurance issues can become even more complex when you are in an accident involving a rental vehicle. If you were injured in a rental car accident in California, we can help you sort through issues of negligence and liability, and we can help you pursue the full compensation you need and deserve under California law for your car accident injuries.

We understand you may have many concerns following a rental car accident in San Diego, or anywhere in the state of California; such as the following:

  • 1.  What if I didn't purchase collision coverage or other car rental insurance?
  • 2.  What if the driver of the vehicle was not listed in the rental agreement?
  • 3.  What if I live out-of-state, but suffered car accident injuries while visiting California?
  • 4.  How will I recover the compensation I need?

We analyze insurance coverage that pertain to your particular rental car accident. People who are injured in California rental car accidents are frequently covered by insurance that they were not even aware of (for example, their own insurance coverage from their private vehicle should apply). In addition to possible coverage purchased from the rental car company (if insurance was purchased), you may be, as mentioned above, covered under your own car insurance policy, the other driver's policy, or the rental company's liability policy. Additionally, you may be covered under insurance provided through your credit card, if the card was used in the car rental transaction. We know how to untangle the web of insurance issues to ensure you are not taken advantage of and to ensure you receive the full compensation you are entitled.

We also identify other sources of liability. An unfortunate risk associated with rental cars is that the renter is unaware of the maintenance history of the vehicle. We thoroughly investigate the vehicle maintenance practices of the car rental company and analyzes the vehicle maintenance history of the rented vehicle that was involved in the crash. We work hard to identify problems, such as faulty repairs, negligent safety inspections, and other negligent maintenance that resulted in an unsafe vehicle being rented out for use, and hold the rental company accountable for such negligence. We also examine if accelerator or brake defects, tire defects, seat belt defects, or other defective auto parts contributed to the accident or to the extent of the injuries. We pursue financial recovery from the vehicle manufacturer and other parties responsible for these defects.