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  • San Diego California Jaywalking Injury | Hit by a Car While Jaywalking? Call San Diego Jaywalking Injury Lawyer Mark Blane for More Information on California Legal Rights when it comes to a jaywalking injury claim - (619) 813-7955.
  • Pedestrian Accident San Diego | California Pedestrian Rights Attorney If you’ve been in a pedestrian accident in San Diego, you have certain rights. Contact a California pedestrian rights attorney – 1-619-813-7955.
  • California Pedestrian Rights Attorney | Pedestrian Accident San Diego Know your rights and responsibilities. If you’ve been in a pedestrian accident in San Diego, contact a California pedestrian rights attorney – 619-813-7955.
  • Bicycle Accidents in San Diego | Cell Phones are Important while Riding San Diego California bicycle accidents are very common; people in San Diego enjoy the out doors on bikes. Sometimes these accidents are overlooked as potential personal injury cases. This may be due to the fact that people forget about the rights of cyclists. It is easy for cyclists to feel as though they have no rights on the road especially since the amount of car drivers certainly outweighs the number of bicyclists out on the road.
  • California Bike Accidents & Injuries at Car Intersections Recent statistics suggest that California intersections represent a relatively small portion of a cyclist’s travel route on a given riding day; however, intersections represent the main areas of a cyclist route where a cyclist is most at risk of getting hit by a car or otherwise involved in a car accident while on his or her bicycle.
  • Busy California Intersections Increase the Risk of a California Bike Accident Lets talk briefly about California intersections and risks to bicyclists. Busy California Intersections pose a special risk to avid cyclists for many reasons. Car drivers often underestimate the speed of a bike rider as it is sometimes hard to determine speed of bike while driving your car; cars often don’t expect bikes to be on the road so car drivers aren’t always watching for bikes, or pedestrians for that matter; and even if cars are on the lookout for bikes, they sometimes just don’t see them because bikes are smaller and can blend into the background (due to the biker’s clothing, the sun, and other factors).
  • Bicyclist & Car Driver Rules: Intersection with No Traffic Signals | Who has Right of Way? In terms of legality, in California, a bicycle is considered to be a “vehicle” and therefore, just like cars and everyday motorists, cyclists must follow the rules of the road. When it comes to car vs. bicycle collisions occurring at busy or not so busy intersections, liability (who is at fault) usually gets nailed down to who had the right-of-way — the car or the bike?
  • Bicyclist Right of Way at a Traffic Signal Controlled Intersection | California Right-of-way means "who has the legal duty to proceed safely in traffic conditions." The right-of-way at intersections controlled by traffic signals is determined by the traffic signal. If a traffic signal sensor is unable to detect the presence of a bicycle, the cyclist can do the following:
  • Car and Bicyclist Accidents at Stop Signs | San Diego Bicycle Injury Law Firm The most frequent type of intersection collisions, representing 9.7% of all intersection accidents, occur at intersections where the cyclist has a stop sign and the motorist does not. After stopping at the stop sign, the cyclist then rides out into the intersection in front of a car that has the right-of-way.
  • Bicyclists are NOT Allowed to Ride Against Traffic in California Bicyclists are NOT allowed to ride AGAINST traffic in California. Under California law, bicycles are considered “ motor vehicles” and must obey all California traffic laws. Bicyclists who ride against traffic are breaking the law because is is consider unsafe for a variety of reasons. Riding a bicycle against traffic is dangerous and accounts for a large portion of bike accidents.
  • The Left Cross Type Bicycle Accident | San Diego Bike Injury Law Firm The "left cross" type accident occurs frequently in California. In this type of bike versus car accident, the car driver and bicyclist approach the intersection from opposite directions. As they both enter the intersection, the motorist turns left, colliding with the cyclist. Most often, the car driver did not see the cyclist or misjudged the cyclist’s speed.
  • The Right Hook | Cars Turing Right at Intersections can be Dangerous for Bicyclists Another frequent car accident with bicyclist occur on what is called the "right hook" or when a car turns right at a intersection. There are several ways that bicycle accidents can happen when cars make right turns at intersections. The following states some of the ways it happens:
  • Why Liability Matters in a Californie Bike Injury Case | Chula Vista Bike Injury Law Firm Chula Vista Bike Accident Attorney: Liability certainly matters in a bicycle accident case. One of the primary motives of safe cycling is to avoid bicycle accidents altogether. Just like they say in negligent cases, the first thing you should do to avoid a negligence case, is not be negligent! However, bicyclists who violate right-of-way rules also face another potential hurdle, for example, if a bike versus vehicle accident results, they might be found at fault for the accident simply by the fact that they violated a right-of-way, even though the car driver was not paying attention and really at fault.
  • Top Ten Things To Do and Not Do After a California Bike Injury Accident El Cajon Bicycle Accident Law Firm: It is advisable to first wait for the police to respond to the accident scene so that an official report will be documented and later filed for evidentiary purposes. Some California bicyclists do not realize that they have been injured until several hours after the accident, and what appears to be minor injuries may develop into serious and permanent injuries as a result from the collision.
  • What to Look For in an Experienced California Bike Accident Attorney If you find yourself involved in a California Bike Accident/Injury case, you need experienced legal counsel. You need to find a good bicycle personal injury attorney who understands bicycling. While many attorneys are competent to handle general injury cases, make sure your attorney has experience and is familiar with the following:
  • Fatal Bicycle versus Car Collisions Involve Alcohol | Drunk Driving Injuries Obviously, if a car driver who drinks and gets behind the wheel of an automobile has failed to take responsibility for his or her action. There’s nothing you can do to control a driver’s intake of alcohol. However, you can control the times you ride your bike, and you can take a cue from sober drivers by avoiding the roads at times when drunk drivers are more likely to be on the road.
  • Nasa Astronaut Injured in a Bicycle Accident | San Diego Bike Accident Lawyer San Diego Bike Accident Attorney: Injuries stemming from a bicycle accident could change a NASA astronaut's duties on Space Shuttle Discovery, the NASA agency said in a statement. Mission Specialist Tim Kopra was injured in a bicycle accident last Saturday, January 15, 2011 NASA said. The agency said he "will be OK," but did not release further details, citing medical privacy.
  • Potholes that Cause a Bicycle Accident and Injuries under California Law Generally, California pothole type accidents with bicycles occur for one of two reasons: 1. Terrible temporary road fixes sink or crack soon after they are done; 2. Long-term wear and tear on the road causes surface breaks, and surface fatigue; If the street pothole is the result of bad temporary repair work then it is possible a public or government entity is to blame (or at fault). Now, whether the public entity performing the roadwork is responsible depends on whether it provided sufficient warning of the hazardous condition. Sufficient warning might include blocking off the repaired area, or placing warning signs or cones around the area.
  • Sewer Bars or Grates can Present a Dangerous Condition for a California Cyclist Sewer grates or Sewer bars can present a serious danger to California bicyclists. If sewer grate bars go in the same direction as traffic, bike tires can easily become stuck between them causing the bicycle rider to fall and get injured. Due to many outspoken bike riders, most cities and counties in California have changed the shape or direction of sewer grates or partially covered them with crosshatch safety bars; yet, many dangerous sewer grates still remain on the roadways and streets throughout California.
  • Trolley Tracks or Rail Ways that are Dangerous to California Bike Riders There are certain types of tracks that can present a danger to a California bicyclist. Hardly-used or abandoned rail tracks present hidden hazards to cyclists and can cause them bodily injuries. They are dangerous and present traction problems when they run on the roadway in the direction of traffic, and even more so when they cross the road at a curve or angle (not easily seen by the bike rider).