What is a "Loss Motion Segment Integrity of the Spine" Injury?

This is probably the
worse soft tissue injury diagnosis you could have from an accident.  Essentially it is a ligament instability injury. It affects the Neck and Low Back (the mid back is protected by the rib cage).  Watch my video on it to learn more about soft tissue injuries and how to be on the lookout for this terrible diagnosis. In a severe soft tissue case (like from an automobile accident), your vertebra may be impacted if the soft tissue found in your neck and lower back have been degraded to a certain point. This could occur in a rear-end collision that damages ligaments of the spine. Such damage can affect your vertebra’s proper range of motion. Blood can stagnate and cause poor blood supply in the spine, which can lead to degenerative conditions such as bone degeneration and early arthritis. You could also experience continual pain long after the accident. After an accident, you should make sure to seek medical attention and the advice of a knowledgeable injury attorney. Some doctors and injury lawyers routinely miss this medical diagnoses.

Why Are These Injuries (Ligament) Important for my California Personal Injury Case?


This diagnosis is so important I decided to devote an entire chapter on it in my latest book for doctors entitled "How to Effectively Document Your Patient's Personal Injury Case from A-Z" (available through this website if you are California physician).  Apart from the importance and great weight an AMA impairment can give a personal injury case, I would say this diagnosis, if found, and properly documented, is the next big value driver for any injury claim that involves the cervical and lumbar spine.  Remember, this diagnosis is generally not used on the thoracic spine because of rib cage protection. I learned of this diagnosis in my fifth year as a personal injury lawyer representing soft tissue injury clients in San Diego California because there is not much information on its power and use for a personal injury case.

If you are an injured patient or victim of an accident that has caused this type of injury, you should make sure your California Injury Accident Attorney understands how to effectively communicate this diagnosis to the insurance claims adjuster, or jury (if necessary). If you are a physician that regularly treats soft-tissue type injuries, especially if you receive payment on a lien when a case settles constituting a majority of your medical practice, you should be very familiar with this diagnosis and be extremely watchful for any signs or symptoms of it during your medical care!  This is one of the highest value drivers for any soft tissue type injury involving the cervical/thoracic spines and, sadly, it is also one of the most overlooked diagnosis in the medical field when it comes to soft tissue injuries. 
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