What To Know About Regarding Your Health Insurance & Your Injury Case

Did you know that if you get into an accident, and you have health insurance,  your health insurance provider has a right to get paid back what they paid out for your medical care? Most people don't know this and your health insurance does not really come out and tell you either. It is usually buried in legalese language somewhere in your contract with your health insurance provider. To find it, you would have to look at your SPD (Summary Plan Document), and somewhere in there, you will see that your health insurance has the right to get paid back money from your settlement. However, if you use a good injury lawyer on your case, he or she will be able to negotiate a fair reduction on that lien interest depending on what your case settles for and other important factors. If you handle a case yourself, without a lawyer, and you do not protect your health insurance companies' lien interest, you could be sued by your health insurance company for those funds. If you have public (governmental) health insurance, like Medicare or Medi-Cal, the same thing applies. This rule even applies to health insurance on your automobile policy known as "medical pay" benefits. You see, you need a skilled lawyer to not only negotiate a good settlement on your injury case, or argue before a jury on your case if necessary, but also to negotiate down your health plan's lien interest. Give me a call today to see if I can help with your situation at (619) 813-7955.