Now, the simple truth is there are a lot of good folks out there that love pit bulls and own them as household pets. These pit bull owners may also claim  that Pit Bulls are no more dangerous than any other breed like chihuahuas for example. However, the hard truth for these pit bull owners is the simple fact that the statistics do not lie.  According to one large study completed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), of the 304 fatal dog attacks between the years1979 and 1996, Pit Bull dogs accounted for approximately 60 deaths, almost twice as many as the next highest group of dog breeds, the Rottweilers. Yes it is true, Pit Bulls are notorious (well-earned reputation) for being some of the most tenacious, violent and vicious breeds in the entire country (and the world for that matter!). Their infamous and violent reputation is well deserved for many reasons. As the previous CDC indicated above, they stand out on fatal attacks. Yet, despite these statistics, Pit Bulls remain one of the most beloved guard and companion dogs in the United States; and sometimes, this powerful breed attracts irresponsible owners.

Sadly, the best dog training and strict discipline cannot override centuries of breeding, and when you mix this fact with irresponsible dog owners, the consequences can be deadly. Most Pit Bull dog owners want to believe that their sweet and loyal dog is not capable of the horrors so frequently reported on the nightly news on both a local and national scale; yet, the every-day reality is that even the most loving, and gentlest Pit Bull can attack a person without any warning or without any provocation before hand, and as a result inflict severe injury to a person, and even death.

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