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  • SAN DIEGO PIT BULL BITE INJURY: What are some legal options for victims of a California Pit Bull Dog Attack?

    Well, depending on the severity of the attack and injuries the victim is left with, There are several options for victims of Pit Bull attacks.  Apart and separate from treating the pit bull dog bite injury and preventing further harm, victims need to consult an experienced dog bite attorney to decide the best way to take legal action against those responsible.  California Pit Bull Dog bite laws can be very complicated, so it best to consult an attorney who understands the intricacies of your particular situation.

    Having said the above, a good California Pit Bull lawyer will look at all possible parties that have or share responsibility of ownership of the attacking Pit Bull dog. Usually, the Pit Bull owner’s home insurance company will pay for the claim but there are other avenues of recovery including going after the Pit Bull dog owner personally if need be; or finding other insurance like business insurance, or possibly renter’s insurance. Again, you will need a good California dog bite lawyer to navigate your claim.

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