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  • Duty to Report California Child Abuse | San Diego Child Abuse Lawyer San Diego Child Abuse Law Firm: The first child abuse reporting law in California was enacted in 1963.
  • California Daycare Child Abuse & Neglect | San Diego Child Injury Lawyer San Diego Child Injury: Daycare or child care abuse is simply the abuse, physical or mental, of a child while in another person’s physical custody and control.
  • Discovering California Day Care Child Abuse & Neglect | San Diego Lawyer California Kid Injury & Abuse/Neglect Law Firm: Unfortunately, child abuse and neglect can come in many different forms.
  • Investigating California Day Care Abuse | San Diego Child Injury Law Firm After you have witnessed your child’s shift in behavior (I give in outline of how to discover child abuse symptoms in other articles on child abuse on this site
  • Child Abuse Agencies | Southern California Child Accident Law Firm Child Abuse Agencies: Unfortunately, child abuse is a reality in today’s world and there are some steps you can take to be proactive in order to help in any way. If you suspect child abuse by a sexual offender or if it involved child pornography you can contact the following agencies for immediate help:
  • Duty to Report Child Abuse or Neglect under California Law Chula Vista Child Abuse Law Firm: The first child abuse reporting law in California was enacted in the year 1963. The early California laws mandated only physicians to report physical abuse. Thankfully, over the years, numerous amendments have expanded the definition of child abuse and the persons required to report the activity.
  • Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Act (CAPTA) San Diego Child Injury Lawyer: The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) is a federal law that supports individual state programs across the U.S. that focus on prevention and identification of child abuse through preventive and public awareness programs that are community based.
  • California Child Abuse & Neglect: What to Watch For El Cajon Child Abuse Injury Lawyer: As every adult knows, prevention is key for child abuse. Therefore, we all should be watchful of its signs and symptoms. It is also good to be especially mindful of children with disabilities as they are more than twice as likely to be victims of child mistreatment, or abuse, than children with no disabilities.
  • San Diego Child School, Playground Accidents | Improper Safety San Diego Child Injury Lawyer Mark C. Blane briefly talks about children and playground/school injuries: School or public playground equipment can become unsafe too based on defective design that have been left in a state of disrepair by the owner or the school, or improper padding (not enough wood chips, mulch, or recycled rubber). Or, it can be due to objects being in the “fall zone” that were not supposed to be there. Some causes could be due to a day care center not having enough staff supervising the children.
  • Lack of Adult Supervision, Child Accident, Children Injuries San Diego According to San Diego Child Injury Lawyer Mark C. Blane, child injuries can be caused by the negligent action or failure to take appropriate action of adults who are in charge of protecting the child from harm such as safety guards, teachers, school bus drivers, officials employed by the school or school district, baby sitting agencies, foster care agencies, foster care parents, day-care agencies or pre-schools, or any other similar entity or person.