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  • Permanent Disability in a San Diego Work Comp Case | What to Know If you have a San Diego workers' compensation case, one item you need to know about is permanent disability. Simply said, it means you have a lasting disability or impairment to the function of a particular body part or part(s). It is extremely important to your San Diego work comp case because the result or amount of any permanent disability is considered the foundation of value of your entire San Diego work comp case.
  • What You Need to know About San Diego Work Injuries | Specific v. Cumulative When it comes to a San Diego Workers Compensation Injury you have to be mindful of two types of injuries. These include a "specific" type work injury, and the other is called a "cumulative" type injury. They are only important in terms of difference, but this can have both negative and impacts on your potential San Diego work comp accident.
  • On the job California Slip and Fall Injury | San Diego Accident Law Firm San Diego California On-the-job accidents typically fall under the purview of San Diego workers' compensation appeals board under the guidance of California labor code law. Whether you're working for a giant multinational or a mom-and-pop shop, however, your ability to make a personal injury claim for a San Diego California slip and fall accident will depend intimately on the specifics of your injuries, the nature and cause of your fall, and the degree to which your company and/or its employees were liable (at fault or partly at fault).
  • San Diego Workers Compensation Appeals Board: The Process San Diego Work Comp Lawyer Mark C. Blane explains: When an injured worker is injured on the job by someone or something connected with his employer, then he or she has a workers compensation claim. This means the injured worker has the right under California "exclusive remedy rule" to pursue his or her rights under the California work comp system with medical care, and payment of medical bills associated with that medical care. The entire work comp system is governed by the State of California under what is known as the California Labor Code, and all hearings, adjudications, and appeals are managed under an administrative court known as the Appeals Board. In San Diego, it is called the San Diego Workers Compensation Appeals Board, or WCAB for short. The main court in San Diego is located in Mission Valley.