San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Mark C. Blane's website collects a large amount of useful information for victims of accidents in Southern California.  For example, we see a lot of injury claims in San Diego County.  What to do after a road or slip & fall accident? Can you sue the Government? What can you expect after a traumatic brain injury? What are the common injuries of a motorcycle accident? Are the insurance companies' settlement values decided by a computer? These and many other topics are outlined in our Library so you can compare, understand and ask the right questions.  

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  • How To Effectively Document your Patient's Personal Injury Case Book Give San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Mark Blane a call at (619) 813-7955 and check out his Doctor Book on documenting personal injuries today
  • AMA Whole Person Impairment Rating From a San Diego Accident | Injury San Diego Medical Impairment Injury Attorney: I have been practicing personal injury law in San Diego county California since 1999; and since that time, I have come to one conclusion about what the biggest value driver is in a given person's injury case in the state of California:
  • San Diego Personal Injury Law Firm | AMA Permanent Impairment This piece of medical evidence is sometimes overlooked because the importance of medical documentation is sometimes not recognized. First, one needs to understand the meaning of a permanent impairment. A permanent impairment rating is, basically, a medical assessment of the degree of injury to a particular body part or body parts from an injury-producing accident. Therefore, the rating is a method used to objectively document an injury. More specifically, if you are injured and your symptoms are still affecting your recovery to a certain degree regarding a specific body part or parts after your medical care is completed, then your injuries may be supported by a medical assessment known as a permanent impairment rating.