What's my Car Accident Injury Claim Worth Anyway? | Understanding the True Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

And Why It's So Important to Get Full Compensation Now

After an accident with injuries, you will soon be hearing from a claims adjustors with an insurance company.  The insurance company will either be located in California or elsewhere. Sometimes, the insurance company will be located on the East Coast even though the accident happened in San Diego, California. They will gather information and at some point they will make you a settlement offer. But how do you know if that settlement offer is reasonable? If it will cover all of your expenses from the accident?  What is the claim value of your personal injury? The ability to correctly assess the cost of an injury and the value of an injury claim is one of the greatest benefits of working with an experienced California personal injury attorney. 

At our law firm, we have been helping injured people in California since 1999. We have handled every type of personal injury claim — from burn scar type injuries, brain and head injuries, to back, neck and spinal cord injuries -- and we've done so many times. We have access to a wide range of expert resources too (here is a sample):

  • Medical specialists who can help with an accurate diagnosis and an understanding of rehabilitation options available to our client. Some injuries lead to medical problems later in life. For example, a serious fracture of a joint often leads to arthritis in that joint later in life. That should be factored into your settlement offer.
  • Life planners and rehabilitation specialists who understand the services the injured person will need throughout their life for a lasting disability.
  • Economists to understand the financial costs of those services, as well as how the injury may affect the person's ability to earn a living.

You Have Only One Chance for Compensation — Make Sure It's Enough

Serious and traumatic personal injuries are costly in many different ways. It's not only the initial hospital bills that must be covered by the settlement, but you should also be compensated for later medical bills and rehabilitation costs. If you can no longer do the work you once did, or if the injury could limit your opportunities for advancement, you can be compensated for that as well.

In many California injury cases, you may also qualify to be compensated for pain and suffering. Insurance companies often do not want to pay for pain and suffering because there is no bill attached to it but think of the impact that pain has on your quality of life. Pain limits your activities and movement. It causes sleeplessness and loss of appetite. It robs you of energy. Pain is real and you should be compensated for it - fairly and justly.