San Diego airbag deployment and injury lawyer Mark C. Blane represented a local San Diego man who sustained soft-tissue type injuries in a minor air-bag deployment accident case. Although the bio-mechanical force of the accident was great enough to trigger air bag deployment, thankfully the injuries were minor and the injured man recovered quickly. However, that is not to say there is still some value there and good legal counsel is needed. The following represents some of the medical findings on this case:


The facts have been previously stipulated.  Your insured was negligent in causing an auto accident that resulted in bodily injury and property damage.   My injured client was at a complete stop when your insured hit him on the driver’s front side traveling at approximately 40 mph causing airbag deployment.


The police officer did not witness this accident, and cites the unknown driver as the “primary” cause, almost leaving room to cite your insured as an “associated” cause.  The simple fact is your client breached his duty of due care by steering his vehicle into my client’s stopped vehicle.  Given the above, liability is not an issue.



1.   Cervical sprain/strain 847.0 United Physicians Group

2.   Lumbar sprain/strain 847.2 United Physicians Group

3.   Sciatica 724.3 United Physicians Group

4.   Cervical Segmental Dysfunction 739.1 United Physicians Group

5.   Lumbar segmental dysfunction 739.3 United Physicians Group

6.   Lumbar radiculitis Unsp. United Physicians Group


  1.  Strain injuries to the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.
  2. X-Rays of the cervical spine dated 03/27/09 show decreased lordosis and positive scoliosis of 20 degrees.
  3. X-Rays of the lumbar spine dated 03/27/09 show increased lordosis of 45 degrees, narrowed disk space at L5-S1 and scoliosis of 14 degrees.

CPT Treatment Codes:

99203; 72052; 72110; 97535; 97014; 97140; 97014; 97012; 99213; 97750; 95851; 99212; 97150; 

My injured client presented to United Physicians Group three days following the accident where he was evaluated and given diagnostics.  My injured client received medical and chiropractic treatment.  He was given conservative therapy and then released to participate in his own recovery.

Given the above, Mr. Blane was able to document an excellent record of injury despite the minor medical findings - this led to a successful result for the injured man.


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