San Diego Pedestrian Accident & Injury lawyer Mark C. Blane represented a 24 year-old San Diego woman against an at-fault driver who failed to yield to Mr. Blane's injured client in a cross walk located at B Street and 6th Avenue in downtown San Diego.  The accident occurred over the summer in 2010, and Mr. Blane was effective in obtaining a $200,000.00 private settlement for the woman against USAA auto insurance group.

Thankfully, the woman did not suffer permanent impairment from her injuries that warranted documentation under the AMA impairment guidelines.  She did break her pelvis, and had a right wrist surgery.  However, her body healed rapidly; she had minor lingering complaints on her right wrist. No lawsuit was necessary - only detailed medical documentation and negotiation that entailed negotiations on the woman's ERISA protected health plan. Mr. Blane was successful in lowering her ERISA protected health plan down despite it being a self-funded plan which are generally harder to do because they usually wipe out any California state law protections to the injured client.  All in all, this San Diego pedestrian accident and injury case was a legal success; Mr. Blane's injured client had a sizable net recovery too!


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