San Diego Car Accident and Injury Lawyer Mark C. Blane successfully represented a local San Diego man in a chain-reaction type car accident.  The man sustained bodily injuries.  The following excerpt is what Mr. Blane used to obtain a great result:

"Please be advised that we are currently in a position to resolve the claim of my injured client, and in connection therewith submit the following documentation.  This letter and the information it contains are being provided to you at this time in the hope that an amicable settlement can be reached.  The information may not be used at a later trial or arbitration without prior written consent from the plaintiff, nor may it be construed as an admission against interest or party. The facts have been previously stipulated. Your insured was negligent in causing an auto accident that resulted in bodily injury and property damage. 

Your insured caused the accident by failing to stop for a red traffic signal.  My injured client was the third passenger of the pool van that was hit by your insured. It is apparent from the medical records that my injured client did not attend any PASSIVE (i.e. any treatment with an independent medical provider) medical treatment two months after the accident.  My injured client tried some over-the-counter medications and home exercises that he performed regularly.  He hoped his symptoms would go away; as you know, this establishes that he tried to mitigate his damages by hoping his symptoms would cease.
Thus, given the above facts, that are documented, there is NO gap in medical care.  We are in the position to prove Active Care followed up with Passive Care within normal time frames due to the bio-mechanical force from this accident. 

At the time of this accident, my injured client was employed as a Buyer Planner at Anacomp.  He was in that job capacity for the past 18 years, and lost one day from work. We have enclosed documentation from his doctor that supports the following claim for lost income: Dr. Timothy Yoon, M.D. documented one missed day of work on pg 1 of his 05/29/07 Medical Report.  Thus, we feel $4,000.00 is a fair offer for lost wage in lieu of formal documentation.

In light of the above, we have not listed a general damage amount at this time; rather, we first invite your assessment for general damages.  Please breakdown your offer of settlement outlining specifically the value you are assigning to each component of our client’s damages (i.e. general damages, wage loss, mileage, duties under duress, etc.).  If your policy limits are released to settle this claim, we request a certified copy of declaration page of all policies available to your insured.   Additionally, if your evaluation is reflective of any type of comparative negligence being attributed to my client we request a written explanation of why that determination was made, and to what degree. We thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Mr. Blane was happy to obtain a favorable result for this man's bodily injury claim which left the man a sizable net recovery.


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