San Diego jogger was injured by a car when he was hit in a cross-walk jogging home…

San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane represented a young jogger while he was jogging home; the jogger was properly in a cross-walk and the driver of the vehicle failed to yield to his presence.  The jogger was flipped onto the hood of the car causing, thankfully, soft-tissue type injuries.  The jogger ultimately only treated 14 sessions of Physical Therapy.  Mr. Blane was successful in obtaining a $15,000.00 policy limit settlement.

However, the issues started after the policy limits were offered.  The at-fault party had no assets to pursue and the case was worth well in excess of the policy limits being extended.  The jogger had no private health insurance or California Under-insured motorist benefits, or California Medical Pay benefits.  Nonetheless, Attorney Mark C. Blane found a creative solution.  Mr. Blane was able to negotiate a significant reduction of the ER bill from $24,938.00, to $3,998.00.  As a result of his legal efforts and skill in negotiating down the hospital lien interest, the jogger could now settle his case with no issues of being  in the red with his medical bills.   This was another creative and successful result by the legal efforts of the Law Offices of Mark C. Blane, APC.


$15,000.00 Policy Limits

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