Young college man gets rear-ended and suffers from soft tissue injuries...

La Jolla Car Accident Lawyer Mark C. Blane represented a college senior at UCSD when his car was hit so hard it sustained major property damage ($11,500.00) and pushed him across two lanes of traffic and over a sidewalk into a walkway.  Per the police report, it was estimated the bullet vehicle was traveling at approximately 45 mph or more.

The young man suffered from soft tissue type injuries, but recovered well enough that no American Medical Association 5th Edition Whole Person Impairment assessment was needed nor warranted.  Mr. Blane obtained an $80,000.00 settlement, and reduced the young man's medicals from $38,216.52, to $6,224.48.  Client's net recovery came to $39,200.97.  

Mr. Blane credits the good result to his skill and experience of negotiating down health care liens from private health insurance policies.   It is very important your personal injury attorney be skillful in this arena of lien law subrogation.  It is not so much what a case is valued at as it is what a good injury lawyer can reduced in medical lien reimbursement.  Please watch Mr. Blane's legal videos that explains lien law, and reimbursement back to a private health plan on this website, www.blanelaw.com.