$463,000.00 Settlement for an injured SAN MARCOS resident who suffered PERMANENT injuries with surgery…

Attorney Mark C. Blane represented a man with injuries in a rear-end auto accident.  His vehicle was the third vehicle hit in what is called an "accordion crash."  The man had an internal fusion of his lumbar spine and as a result, suffered from a permanent impairment to that particular body part.  Mr. Blane filed a lawsuit in San Diego County Superior Court and obtained the settlement in mediation prior to trial. Sometimes a trial is necessary. If so, the community gets to decide the value of a particular case. The defense puts on their case, and the injured person gets to put on his or her case.  Here,  it was fortunate that a settlement was made prior to the trial date at the value of the case was achieved and the clients were very happy with the outcome. Each client gets to decide if they want to go to trial or settle on the number that is offered by the insurance. This decision is made with the help of attorney Mark Blane on every case that he represents.


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