San Diego rear-end accident & injury lawyer Mark C. Blane represented a local Lemon Grove man in an auto accident that caused both property damage and bodily injuries.  Mr. Blane retained the injured man after learning that the property damage to his car was enough to justify his injuries and on-going medical complaints.  In order to present the injured man's case properly, Mr. Blane knew "the devil would be in the details."  The following an actual excerpt in what Mr. Blane utilized to present the man's case effectively:



1.   Cervical sprain/strain 847.0 Kaiser Permanente & Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

2.   Cervical and thoracic outlet syndrome 363.0 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

3.   Thoracic sprain/strain 847.1 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

4.   Lumbar sprain/strain 847.2 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

5.   Brachial neuritis 723.4 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

6.   Thoracic neuritis 724.4 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

7.   Contusion of chest wall 922.1 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

8.   Sprain of ribs 848.3 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

9.   Headaches 780.4 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

10. Cervicogenic/Tension Headache 307.81 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

11. Right shoulder sprain 840.9 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

12. Disorders of bursae and tendons in 726.10 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.


13. Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar joint 719.50 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.


14. Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spasms 728.85 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

15. Displacement of cervical intervertebral 722.0 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

      disc without myelopathy

16. Displacement of thoracic intervertebral 722.11 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

      disc without myelopathy

17. Displacement of lumbar intervertebral 722.10 Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C.

      disc without myelopathy


1. Strain injuries to the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.

CPT Treatment Codes:

72050; 99282; 99204; 72040; 98940; 97140; 99080; 

My injured client presented to Kaiser Permanente on the day of the accident where he was evaluated, given diagnostics, and medication.  He followed up with a chiropractor.  My injured client was given conservative therapy and then released to participate in his own recovery.  Future medical care was documented in the medical findings.



Kaiser Permanente Collar 10/23/2009



Kaiser Permanente Ibuprofen 800mg 30 Days +

Kaiser Permanente Cyclobenzaprine 10mg 30 Days +

Kaiser Permanente Aspirin 81mg 30 Days +

Kaiser Permanente Metoprolol 25mg 30 Days +

Kaiser Permanente Flexeril 10mg 30 Days +

At the time of this accident, my injured client was employed as a Manager of a refrigeration company.  It is testimony to my injured client's fortitude and mitigation that he did not miss anytime from his employment as a result of his injuries.  However, he did experience considerable pain and limitation while continuing to work.

Chart notes authored by Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C. on April 28, 2010 confirm that my injured client was limited when performing his job duties.  My injured client’s job performance was affected.  He had difficulty concentrating with the frequent headaches and dizziness that would occur. 

Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C. 04/28/10 pg 2 of 5 documents the following activities were limited and painful:

  • - climbing steps
  • - lifting groceries
  • - dressing
  • - sleep
  • - concentration

Dr. Keith Biscotti, D.C. 04/28/10 pg 2 of 5 documents my injured client was unable to perform the following activities:

  • - yard work
  • - take out garbage"

Mr. Blane used the above medical documentation to present the man's soft tissue type injuries effectively, and was able to get the man's claim resolved successfully.

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