La Jolla lady gets second degree burns in a La Jolla Coffee Shop due to Dangerous Table

San Diego Burn Injury Lawyer Mark C. Blane represented a La Jolla lady who was served boiling hot tea onto  a table that was defective.  When the tea was placed on the table the table partially collapsed causing the hot contents of the tea to pour onto her legs.  She was rushed to the UCSD Burn Clinic and suffered second degree burns. 

Although the facts seem to be straight forward, this case proved to be a challenge because the defense argued she should have been aware of the wobbly table prior to the spill; however, there were some measures the Coffee Shop could have taken in order to prevent this from happening.  Mr. Blane argued that the boiling hot water in the teas being served at the shop should have had secured tops placed on them, much like other coffee and tea shops do; second, evidence was obtained that the Management Team of the Coffee Shop were aware of the dangerous table and failed to remedy it before this accident occurred. 

The defense had a different perspective on whether their client truly had adequate notice of the dangerous table, and relied on their defense points with assumption of the risk being directed toward Mr. Blane's client.  However, after a law suit was filed and the case prepared for a jury trial, Mr. Blane was able to settle the matter for $30,000.00 and waive all of the client's medical bills that were covered under her private health plan.  The amount of the settlement, with the defense points, were used to achieve this victory with the health lien which allowed the client a healthy net recovery for her pain and suffering.  This was a very challenging and tedious injury case.