Mark Blane tried a three-day jury trial before Judge Frederic Linc on a minor impact soft tissue (MIST) case against Infinity in-house defense counsel back on November 16-18, 2015. He represented a 27 year-old female plaintiff involved in a side-swipe impact by the defendant vehicle on a double left-hand turn. There was virtually no visible damage to plaintiff’s vehicle, and an over two-week gap of medical care. Injuries were all minor strain injuries. Medical care was all chiropractic care, and massage. Evidence came in that she had two prior car accidents. Pre-litigation offer was $0.00 followed by a $5,001.00 defense 998 offer just prior to trial. Mark brought in the mother of plaintiff, who is originally from China, as a lay witness. Through a Cantonese interpreter she told the story of plaintiff’s injury to the jury. Jury deliberated about 3 hours. The costs and verdict totaled $14,038.19 (just shy of Mark’s policy limit 998 offer of $15,000.00).  Medical pay of $5,000.00 was also waived on top of the costs and verdict so the end result came to $19,038.19.

San Diego Superior Court Case No. #37-2014-00033685-CU-PA-CTL


Trial counsel:  Mark Blane, Esq.

19,038.19 Jury Verdict

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