San Diego Car Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane represented an 83-year old lady pedestrian from El Cajon, California in a parking lot accident case where she was injured by a vehicle backing up into her knocking her to the ground.  The lady was transported via ambulance to Sharp hospital in San Diego, and then transported to a care facility for a few days. She broke her hip and had a quick surgery to get it fixed.  Surprisingly, she recovered very quickly!  Her goal was to make it to church the second week following the surgery.  Mr. Blane is happy to report that she made it there just fine.

On the legal end, Mr. Blane had to secure not only the police report, but all the witnesses needed to be document to help put fault on the driver of the car who was not paying attention to the pedestrians in the El Cajon parking lot.  Beyond this, Mr. Blane went after both the driver and the owner of the vehicle causing the accident and resulting injury.  Policy limit offers were secured without the need for a lawsuit.  $100,000.00 policy limits from the driver's policy, $15,000.00 from the owner's policy, and $2,000.00 in California medical pay benefits (policy limits) from the injured lady's own auto policy.   Global settlement was $117,000.00.

Further, all medical care was covered under a private health plan.  Mr. Blane was able to negotiate a huge savings on this end in order to help increase a sizable net recovery to the injured lady pedestrian.


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