Local Chula Vista resident injured by drunk driver car accident that had no witnesses...

Chula Vista Car Collision Attorney Mark C. Blane represented a young lady that was broad sided by a drunk driver after he ran a red light at an intersection.  The problem was the drunk driver ran a red light and either never admitted it or never remembered it.  This caused a delay in the insurance company representing the drunk driver to admit fault since there were no independent witnesses to the accident. 

Mr. Blane confidently took the case knowing he could get in evidence of the other party being intoxicated at time of trial, and present that evidence before a Chula Vista jury.  However, after about two months after Mr. Blane submitted his settlement demand package, the at-fault carrier was ready to negotiate a settlement, and finally, accept full blame for what occurred.  They did not want to run the risk that Mr. Blane would get in evidence of the drunk driving charge of their insured.

Mr. Blane's client did sustain an unfortunate fractured ankle, but only thankfully needed 31 visits of physical therapy.  Mr. Blane was successful in obtaining a $29,522.93 settlement due to the potential punitive exposure to the at-fault party for being drunk at the time of the accident.


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