A Chula Vista business owner attacked by car by an unknown assailant...

Chula Vista Pedestrian Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane represented a Chula Vista small business owner who was assaulted in front of his business by an unknown assailant after an argument ensued between the business owner and the unknown person parking his car in front of the business in an unmarked parking space.  Unfortunately, the unknown person struck the  Chula Vista man with his fists, and then hit the man with his vehicle as he was fleeing the scene.  A Chula Vista police report was issued, and the witnesses to the incident failed to get the license plate number of the assailant.

Fortunately, the business owner had two different auto policies for two different vehicles that both contained Uninsured Motorist protection.  Attorney Blane filed for Uninsured Motorist protection for the injured man under both policies at the same time.  He was successful in obtaining a policy limit uninsured motorist settlement from one policy for $25,000.00, and $15,000.00 with $5,000.00 in waived California medical pay benefits.  An issue arose with the $15,000.00 where the offer was withdrawn and reduced down to $9,500.00 because it was learned the injured man had the $25,000.00 uninsured motorist policy.  The company that withdrew the offered argued "stacking" would be occurring and reduced the previous $15,000.00 offer per an arbitrary formula.  Attorney Mark C. Blane argued fairness and equity under "California good faith insurance protection" and won.  Thus, the global settlement for this uninsured motorist claim was $45,000.00.


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