San Diego Car Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane represented a Chula Vista woman after she was involved in a car accident by another party who made an illegal u-turn.  The lady was transported to Kaiser Permanente ER via ambulance where she was evaluated and given diagnostics.  She followed up with her primary care physician and chiropractic treatment.  She was given conservative therapy and then released to participate in her own recovery.  Future medical care was documented in the medical findings. 

The following represents the medication prescribed to the lady:

Kaiser Permanente                                          Ibuprofen 800mg                    30 Days +

Kaiser Permanente                                          Acetaminophen 500mg           30 Days +

Kaiser Permanente                                          Vicodin                                    30 Days +

Kaiser Permanente                                          Meloxicam 15mg                     30 Days +

Kaiser Permanente                                          Lorazepam .5mg                     30 Days +
San Diego Car Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane was able to get the car accident case successfully resolved without the need for litigation or additional court costs. The good news is he was able to reduce the Kaiser insurance health lien in order to have the client receive a sizable net recovery.  This is just another thing a good car accident lawyer can do to maximize an injured victims recovery.  

Remember, if you have health insurance, regardless if it is private or public (Medi-Cal, or Medicare), you have a duty to contact that carrier to inform them that you have been involved in a car accident.  This is done so they can get paid back what they paid out in your medical care, and it is known as Health Insurance Lien Subrogation Interest.  On this particular Chula Vista car accident case, I was able to help this lady with her bodily injury settlement by reducing down the Kaiser health lien which paid for all of her medical care.  This helped her obtain a sizable net recovery and I did this after we settled with the at-fault insurance company who inured the negligent party at the time of the car accident.  For more information on how a good San Diego personal injury lawyer can do this, you should check out more of my videos, blogs and articles on this website which covers this subject in great detail.  Or you can simply call me directly for more information at (619) 813-7955.


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