Chula Vista Auto Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane represented a Chula Vista man who was injured in a car accident when another party was texting while driving causing both property damage and bodily injuries.  The man was transported via ambulance to a hospital where he was treated and released. Unfortunately, the man's injuries grew worse to where he eventually had a surgery to his left wrist.  The man was a senior in college too and this greatly affected his studies as he was left-handed, and, of course, the left wrist is an important joint for him in terms of writing and studying (carrying his school books to and from class was a factor as well). 

The medical reports clearly showed that the man may have needed a future surgery to secure bone union to his left wrist.  The only reason why the injured man did not have this completed was due to his educational schedule in college.  As previously indicated, the man was in his senior year of college and he needed his final semester in order to graduate on time and pursue his post-graduate work.  Beyond this important point, the medical doctor  duly documented the following medical evidence:
  1. Permanent loss of functional capacity to the left wrist by at least 50%;
  1. Future Surgery:  Wrist capsulotomy with osteotomy of the scaphoid;
  1. Future Surgery costs of approximately $21,100.00; 

As Mr. Blane was sure anyone would agree, this was a very serious injury to the left wrist.  The permanent loss of functional capacity of the left wrist by 50% alone brought this claim beyond the at-fault insured’s policy limits of $100,000.00.  To this end, Mr. Blane was able to get the case resolved for the policy limits in addition to $10,000.00 in medical pay benefits.  This maximized the man's net recovery and he went on to graduate from college and is now continuing his post-graduate studies in medical school.  This was a very successful car accident case!

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$110,000.00 (including $10,000.00 medical pay benefits)

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