Local San Diego man was injured when a motorist pulled out in front of him with no witnesses...

San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane represented a San Diego man who was injured as a bicyclist when a motorist pulled out of a driveway extremely fast causing the man to halt his ten-speed abruptly and flip over his handle bars against the side of the car, and then the vehicle kept moving which eventually led to the motorist running over the man's right hand causing bodily injuries.  The man's right fifth metacarpal bone was fractured, and it also led to a medical condition known as trigger finger.

The defense argued apportionment of fault given there were no independent witnesses who saw what happened.  Mr. Blane was successful in negotiating a settlement of only 30% apportionment of fault to his client and the remaining majority of fault to the motorist of 70% after he filed a lawsuit in San Diego Superior Court in downtown San Diego.  He was able to negotiate this settlement within one month of filing a lawsuit!  The man's medicals came to $10,000.00, and Mr. Blane was able to negotiate them down to under $4,000.00 given the medicals were covered by private health insurance, although they were governed by ERISA federal law protection.

At the end of the ordeal, the settlement came to $30,000.00 despite the 30/70% split in fault!  Another good example of how a personal injury attorney can navigate a difficult liability case with no witnesses, and still come out with a fantastic result in a short amount of time after filing a lawsuit.


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