A red light run injury case is where another party chooses to drive through a solid red light, and thereby collides into another car causing bodily injuries. Here, the video comes from a witness (dash camera) in a case I have recently handled. The witness was responsible enough to have a good dash camera, and to give it to my client for evidence. Video evidence is always much stronger than eye-witness evidence because the video "has no memory which can fade."

Psycho-analysis of a Red Light Run Collision Injury compared to a Typical Rear-End Collision Injury

Jurors dislike injuries from a red light run more than say from a typical rear-ender causing injury. Why is this so? It has to do with the fact that more things could have gone wrong in comparison with a rear-end injury case. For example, in a red light run collision, especially in this case, other people could have been injured like other cars and people (pedestrians). Which did occur when you see my injured client's car crash into a parked car.  

It also goes deeper psychologically speaking - running a red light is a clear safety rule violation, and choosing to run one, then consequentially hitting another car, brings up feelings of betrayal. The person being hit thinks, "I depended on you to follow the safe driving rule of stopping at a red light, and you violated my trust." The rule of reciprocity is clearly violated. This happens too in a rear-end injury case, but it goes deeper with red light run injury collisions. 

The physical injury itself also tends to be greater when someone runs a red light as the person being hit is usually hit on the side or front/rear corner which torques the car and your body more violently than if it were a rear-end only impact. If you look closely as the video above, you will see the party being hit actually collides into a parked car. There is usually more bodily injury and property damage as a result in a red light run collision. Thankfully no pedestrians were struck in this case.

The Difference Between Rear-End Impact and Red Light Runner

Also, much like a rear-end impact, you generally don't see the red light runner right before collision. In a rear-end impact, you sometimes can see the party about to hit you in your rear-view mirror, and you can brace for impact. In a red light run case, the injured party usually had zero time to brace for impact. There is simply more shock involved. The video above shows this in absolute clarity and you can hear the surprise of the person driving who has the dash camera. 

If you, or someone you know, has been injured in a San Diego, California red light run injury, first download my free personal injury guidebook. The books will let you know about what you can expect, your legal rights, and if you even need a lawyer for your particular case, whether it is a car crash, dog bite, child injury, slip and fall or pedestrian injury.

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