Yanina Velez was out minding her own business in her own neighborhood when she was attacked and bitten by a neighbor's dog. She was just out and about on a normal everyday stroll. All of sudden, and without warning, a neighbor's unleashed dog escapes from the house and charges Yanina. This anyone's worst nightmare. Getting attacked by a dog is bad enough, but especially if it is in a neighborhood in which you live. A neighborhood you have grown accustomed to as being safe and sound. The dog owner turned out to be a tenant of a landlord who owned the home. Special legal rules apply when the dog owner is a tenant.

California law makes it very difficult to get liability or fault against the homeowner (landlord) unless certain legal elements apply. In Yanina's case, it was fortunate that I was able to verify the dogowner (tenant) carried renter's insurance with a liability provision. I was able to represent Yaninan and get her case resolved amicably. There was enough insurance money to go after, and Yanina healed from her injuries. The emotional scare will always be a part of her experience, but she has learned from this experience in many different ways, not just on the legal end. One has to be mindful of dogs no matter where they are - whether you are out shopping, hiking or walking in your own neighborhood, life can happen and people who want to have a pet do lose control of their animals on occasion.

I am glad Yanina is doing better and I am proud to have been her voice for her dog bite injury case. I am also happy she was kind enough to share her experience with you in this brief client testimonial too. Feel free to download my FREE Dog Bite Injury Guide located on this webpage too or call me direct at (619) 813-7955. Thank you - San Diego dog bite lawyer Attorney Mark Blane (:

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