Ah, I remember it like it was just yesterday! Everything that had to do with a San Diego California personal injury case was either in-person with a court attendance before a live judge, or in-person with depositions, meetings, and mediations. I remember going to a typical case management conference before a judge, and the courtroom was jam packed with other lawyers with their cases waiting to be heard. Sometimes there was no more seating in the general gallery, and so the clerk of the court would give lawyers additional seating by sitting in the jury box. 

Changes Come From COVID-19 Pandemic In Court Cases 

A lot has changed in the wake of the Covid19 Pandemic. Millions upon millions of people have been touched and affected by this global virus. Nowadays, the new normal is everything with Zoom and other popular online video platforms. For example, Zoom has exploded onto the scene since the pandemic hit our shores. It is not uncommon for me to meet new prospective clients on Zoom or other video platforms. Everything now is also done with emails and phone calls. In the last few months, I have had some in-person meetings with new clients, but the vast majority of them have been done by video, email, and phone calls. 

Imagine how this will impact our civil and criminal justice system. Jury trials are on hold, but the ingenuity of Americans will prevail. Right now, personal protective jury booths are being installed, and virtual jury trials are being tested. We are witnessing the cusp of change not only to our American system of justice, but to our American way of life. 
In fact, this is a great time to embrace Stoic Philosophy, which, ironically had been making a come back onto the scene in recent years way before Covid and other virus outbreaks. We all have heard the phrase, "what does not break you, will make you stronger." Well, I believe this crisis will only make us stronger, and prepare us for any other future challenges. 
The courts in San Diego have been doing the best job they can to navigate these challenging times. I feel blessed that the court system here in San Diego, throughout California, and other states have been embracing the changes we see. Whether it is anticipating how Covid will impact our access to justice, or just jumping on a Zoom call with a judge on an injury case, it is all too important not to embrace. 

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