Tom Foster with Foster Web Marketing interviews me on his Video Podcast on how I built my law practice in sunny San Diego, and what I do to market my legal talent to those who are injured. For me, my story was not so complex since I knew I wanted to be a lawyer since age 11. What got me to focus on injury law came later from seeing one of my friends getting into a truck collision, and getting taken advantage of by the insurance company. I saw first hand how this was done, and why a legal advocate is needed when people are injured. Not every case will need an injury lawyer, but every case deserves good legal counsel in order to make that decision.

Moving to San Diego, California

After moving to San Diego from Louisiana where I grew up, I went to law school. I took the bar exam in the Winter of 1999 and passed it on my first attempt. I then went to a local personal injury law firm and made them an offer they could not refuse. I asked if they had a spare office where I could work on their injury files that they needed help with since they appeared to be very busy. In exchange, I would take a small fee for my work on their cases, and a larger fee on the cases I brought in. It was the perfect marketing pitch that aligned our interests. I knew I wanted to create my own law practice. In a couple of years, I was beginning to bring in much more work than what was being provided to me by the law firm, and I made the decision to go completely on my own.

Building my Brand

In order to build a successful attorney brand, you must have enthusiasm and pride in your work, and then provide outstanding legal services to each and every client. If you are not enthusiastic about what you do, and being a voice to those in need, you will never rise to the level of being a successful lawyer for your clients.
Since 2005, I have exclusively been on my own with my law practice and doing well ever since for each of my client's cases. In the video above, Tom and I discuss information based marketing and what I like to do to provide free legal information for those in need through my website, and monthly newsletter. I tell Tom that it is not just one thing you have to do to obtain clients, but rather, it is a "symphony" of things you need to do to make it work. Especially today, when there are some many different platforms an injury lawyer can be found from Yelp, to Google to Avvo, and to the BBB. 
I do my best to show the quality of my legal work through past client video testimonials, and 5-star reviews on many different sites. It is a continual evolution just like it is with any business. We live in interesting times, and people want important legal information made fast and simple. 
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