“My name is Raymond Navarro, and I have been practicing workers’ compensation law here in San Diego for the last 24 years. Some cases that I represent in workers compensation, it overlaps with other types of cases, and in order to fully serve my clients, I need to refer them out. I see Mark as being part of my team. He has a very strong sense of who he is, and that goes a long way in representation. I can see that he is very driven to help. It is not just about “can,” as he is very sincere in his way of speaking to you. He makes me feel very comfortable as an individual and I am sure he is doing the same with my clients. Knowing Mark he is unique because he writes books, he has put out videos…with clients, it is an education as you are not only educating them about the law, but you are educating them about the process. I have learned over the years that he is a top attorney, he knows the law in and out. My clients come back to me and they tell me that he has done an excellent job and thank you for the referral. A happy client is what I want.”

Raymond Navarro, San Diego Workers' Compensation Lawyer