When you're injured after a car crash in San Diego that was caused by the negligence of another driver, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries and lost wages through a personal injury claim. If you've been hurt, contact a San Diego auto accident attorney who can answer your questions about the claims process and how the California negligence laws apply to your case. 

3 Do's of Filing a Claim after a Car Crash in San Diego car crashing into side of the road in California

  • Document the extent of the accident damage. If you're able to take pictures, do so, and make written notes about the extent of the damage. Include information about the accident scene and surroundings, details about the damage done to the other vehicle, and any marks on the ground.  
  • If you haven't already, seek medical attention. If you don't seek medical attention at the earliest opportunity then you have very little chance of receiving a favorable settlement. When you go to the hospital or to a doctor's office and get your injuries examined, the medical staff creates a permanent record - your medical record - of the physical consequences of the accident. This record can be used as vital evidence in your case.  
  • Keep track of all of your medical expenses. Medical bills preserve a record of the costs of your injury. Keep copies of these documents and provide your San Diego accident attorney with copies as well.  

3 Don'ts of Filing a Claim After Car Crash in San Diego 

  • Don't give the claims adjuster a recorded statement. A lot of people aren't properly prepared to give a recorded statement after their car crash in San Diego. Many claimants freeze up, get nervous, make mistakes, correct themselves, and make little communicative errors that can be used against an authentic accident claim. You should wait to give your statement to an adjuster until you've spoken with a San Diego accident attorney. 
  • Don't delay. One of the worst things you can do to ruin the success of your claim is delay in making it. The more you drag your feet in establishing certain facts of the case, the greater the risks of damaging your claim.  
  • This also goes for seeking medical attention. Any gap of time between the point of your car crash in San Diego and the point at which you're examined will be used against you by the insurance company claiming that your injuries weren't serious. 
  • Don't refuse legal counsel. The insurance companies have teams of lawyers and years of experience navigating the system in an effort to keep claim costs low in order to maximize profits for shareholders. A San Diego personal injury lawyer attorney is your first line of defense against this behavior. 

Some people mistakenly think that because they chose their insurance company then the insurance company will be on their side. Don't forget that insurance adjusters work for the company that has to pay you out, not the other way around.

Take Control of Your California Claim by Contacting a San Diego Accident Attorney

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