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  • San Diego Attorneys for Commercial Vehicle Accidents | Injuries Commercial vehicle accidents happen unexpectedly, often at the worst possible times, and the injuries they cause are severe. Each year in California, commercial vehicle accidents cause serious injuries, including broken bones, back and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, and wrongful death. California is full of freeways and large commercial trucking is big business since we have huge ports located up and down the coast.
  • Partial Fault of a California Truck Driver in a California Auto Accident California Commercial Truck Accident Law Firm: It depends on the degree of fault between the commercial truck driver and the other motorist. Under the California legal doctrine known as "comparative negligence," the amount of a party's liability for the accident is determined by comparing his or her carelessness with that of the other party.
  • Commercial Truck Driver Negligence in California As is true in most California personal injury cases involving vehicle accidents, the primary legal theory of liability in commercial truck accident cases is "negligence." In other words, there was some breach in due care owed to you (the other injured car driver) by the commercial truck driver.
  • At-Fault Parties (Defendants) for a California Trucking Accident Case Potential At-Fault Parties (Defendants) for a Commercial Trucking Accident Case In order to ensure a complete legal recovery for injuries suffered in an accident involving a commercial truck vehicle in California, it is important that you and your attorney identify as many potential defendants as possible.