It depends on whether you settled your San Diego County personal injury case prior to trial (private settlement), or your case was settled at trial by jury (or in California small claims court) in what is called a "judgment."  So the answer to this FAQ turns on whether it was it a "private settlement" or a court "judgment."

If you settled your case privately, then no, CMS cannot enforce their medical lien for reimbursement from your California personal injury settlement. However, interestingly, if your claim for bodily injuries was settled in court by a court entered judgment, then yes, you have to negotiate an amount back directly with San Diego County Medical Services, collectively known as CMS.  You should call me with any questions on this at (619) 813-7955.

Here is the California law on this FAQ:


Mares v. Baughman, 92 Cal.App.4th 672 (2001)  

By its unambiguous terms, Govt. Code § 23004.1 provides a county (CMS) with a lien only on judgments and not settlements. Thus, a CMS type lien imposed upon a settlement may be expunged on a motion. The court noted that the statute provided independent subrogation rights to public entities to assert their claims.



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