Get medical care after a pedestrian accident. Getting prompt medical is crucial after a pedestrian accident. You protect your health and your right to compensation for your injuries from the negligent driver’s insurance company by taking this important step.

How Soon Should You See a Physician?

You should be examined by a doctor immediately if you suffered apparent injuries and within 48 hours even if you do not believe you were hurt in a pedestrian crash. You may have suffered a hidden injury and not realize it until days later when you start experiencing serious or sometimes life-threatening symptoms.

Two Ways Getting Prompt Medical Care Helps Your Claim for Compensation

Getting immediate medical care can help you build a winning case against the negligent driver and convince their insurance company to pay you all the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Here are two ways your medical care affects your claim.

  • Disputes with the insurance company. You will avoid arguments with the insurance adjuster over the cause of your injuries and their seriousness if you see a doctor right after your pedestrian crash. If you delay getting medical treatment, they will most likely argue that your accident was caused by another incident or that your injuries are not as serious as you claim.
  • Mitigation of damages. You have a duty to mitigate, or reduce, the damages you are seeking in a pedestrian accident case. If you do not get immediate medical treatment, your injuries could become more serious, and your medical treatment may be more expensive. This gives the insurance company ammunition to fight paying you. They could argue that they should pay you less because you did not mitigate your damages. You avoid this dispute with them if you are examined by a physician right away.

Importance of Follow-Up Medical Care 

You also need to follow all of your doctor’s advice on medical treatments for your injuries and go to all of your appointments with other health care providers. You will recover faster if you do this. You will also cut off arguments the insurance company could use about the seriousness of your injuries to deny your claim or reduce what they pay you.

Get Help Protecting Your Right to Compensation

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